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7:30pm - Mansfield Airport Conference Room - 265 Fruit St

First building on the left as you enter the Airport parking area


A New Future for America

After 8 years of disappointment and a slow economy, America was ready for a new direction. Americans spoke on November 8th, 2016 and now with a House of Representatives, Senate and White House listening to We the People, their voices will finally be heard. The American people are ready to get America back on track and the Inauguration of Donald Trump as President marks the start of that Journey.

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Open Board Positions - Mansfield Town Government

Board and Committee Vacancies:

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Audit Committee - 1 member needed

Cultural Council -  members needed

World War II Scholarship Committee - 3 member needed

Board of Directors of the Mansfield Housing Corporation - 3 members needed

Mansfield-Foxboro-Norton Wastewater District Commission- 1 member needed

Conservation Commission - 1 member needed

Open Space Committee - 1 member needed

Mansfield Republican Town Committee members with Sheriff Hodgson

Keith Ninesling (Secretary at large) Eileen Cusack (Treasurer), John Hodgson (Bristol County Sherriff), Christine Leemon (Chairwomen), Steve Nickerson (Vice Chairman)

Our Local State Reps


Jay Barrows
Mansfield, Foxboro, Norton



Betty Poirier
Mansfield, Plainville, North Attleboro

2020 Presidential election politics

The presidential political season is upon us.  Certainly we need to use our discretion in judging the suitability of the various contenders for nomination in the 2020 election.  It is assumed that President Trump will be the republican nominee.  His only announced competitor is former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld.  I admired Weld during his years at the helm of our state back in the 1990’s and thought then that he had a political future at the national level.  However, that was a long time ago, and Weld has now shown himself, disappointingly, to be a weak and silly caricature of the politician he once was.  His presence in the campaign is sure to only bolster support for Trump.  Everyone by now knows where Trump stands on the major issues, and he either is loved or despised by the majority of voters.  There aren’t many people on the fence regarding Trump.

The number of Democrat’s running for the party’s nomination stands at 24 and counting.  This includes a number of senators, governors, representatives, and others.  Even so, it is a feeble field.  I see no one that would be capable of standing up to Trump, or standing up to the extremists on the left that have taken over the party’s direction and lurched it towards socialism and anarchy.  The Democrat party no longer represents the common voter; this is the core problem, and one of the main reasons why Trump won in 2016 and will win again in 2020.  The Democrats are the party of full term abortion, open borders, disrespect of law enforcement and the military, high taxes, political correctness, and identity politics.  The Democrats no longer have a core constituency of average voters, they now rely on a mish-mash of special interest groups.  They rely on outrage and victimization as their principle inspirations.

One of the best ways to assess a candidate’s fitness for the presidency is to judge them on their own words.  Each of the Democrat candidates have spoken in depth on all of the main issues of the day.  Let’s take a sampling of where some of the major candidates, in their own words, stand on some of the major issues.

We can start with border security.  The United States, like every other country in the world, has borders.  Borders are necessary to protect US citizens, our society, culture, and way of life.  The US leads the world in the number of legal immigrants, with over 1 million coming in to our country each year.  However, legal immigration is not the problem.  The Democrat candidates seem to be falling over themselves to open our borders to illegal immigration and do away with any type of security or protections for our citizens.  To oppose such measures, in their terms, is racist.  To quote Kamala Harris, Senator from California, “illegal immigration is a civil matter, not a crime”. Maybe Senator Harris is unaware that in the US eight people per day, on average, are killed by illegal immigrants.

Law enforcement is another area where the Democrat candidates fall short.  Every day, Law enforcement personnel protect us from a world of chaos and criminal behavior.  These men and women literally put their lives on the line in order that we can be secure in our own lives.  But to quote our own Senator Elizabeth Warren, she sees things in a very different way – She stated last year ““Let’s just start with the hard truth about our criminal justice system. It’s racist. It is. And when I say our system, I mean all the way. I mean front to back.” I wonder what the friends and family of those killed or harmed in the line of duty, protecting Americans of all colors, ethnicities, and backgrounds, would have say about Warren’s offensive rant.

Lastly I will mention abortion.  The country is deeply divided on abortion, this is a fact.  One side considers all human life as valuable and respected, whether in our out of the womb, while the other side believes that the mother should be in control of  any and all decisions regarding her body.  However, the data shows that the closer the mother is to giving birth – especially moving into the third trimester, support for abortion drops precipitously. Eighty seven percent of Americans reject third trimester abortions. Even so, Democrat candidates such former Texas Congressman Beto O’Rourke are “absolutely” in favor of late term abortions.  Hopefully, O’Rourke, and others like him, have “absolutely” no chance of winning the nomination.

In summary, the Democrat party has been pushed to the far-left.  Its leaders, and its candidates for the presidential nomination, are out of touch with main stream Americans.  The party no longer stands for the values and desires of average citizens.  It is now a magnet for special interest groups, rage against conservatives, devotion to identity politics and political correctness.  Certainly there is a unification of sorts within the party regarding its contempt for all things Trump, but that alone cannot win the 2020 election.

Quote of the Month – “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money”.  Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister of Great Britain

Steve Nickerson is a Mansfield resident, former US Marine, and is the Vice Chairman of the Mansfield Republican Town Committee – The opinions he expresses are his own.




Mansfield Town Meeting 5/15/18 results, Pot moritorium extended 1 year

Pot Shops in Mansfield - reconsidered

In the  Mansfield Town  meeting of May 15, voters had the opportunity to weigh in on the marijuana law that was passed in 2016 (question 4 on the ballot).  It must be noted that the referendum was passed at a slim 51.7% margin.  91 cities and towns in Massachusetts voted against the law. 156 cities and towns have already enacted by-laws against the referendum, (many originally having approved Q4), for temporary moratoriums or permanent Bans of commercial sales of marijuana.  In recent weeks another 3 towns have followed suit, Auburn, Andover, and Cohasset.

Mansfield voters who thought the intent of the marijuana ballot question was the legalization of recreational use, may be surprised to learn that local retail sale and cultivation of marijuana is also a part of the new law.  This means that retail pot shops would become a reality in Mansfield – along with all the concerns that this type of business would bring to our town, unless the voters do something about it.

The town meeting allowed voters to engage in this issue; specifically in regards to extending the current moratorium on the law (the moratorium ends in November, 2018), as well as to weigh in on the potential of pot shops and cultivation of marijuana in Mansfield.

The that retail sale and cultivation of marijuana in Mansfield is the wrong path for our town. Research in this area is conclusive:

  • Where there is more access to marijuana more people will use the drug
  • The potency of marijuana is now significantly stronger what it was in the 1970’s
    • 1 out of six people that use marijuana/thc will struggle with addiction to it
  • Pot shops are a magnet for people looking to get high as well as to purchase drug paraphernalia.
  • Pot shops, and people that access them, significantly change the dynamics of a town – not always for the good
  • Marijuana use is associated with elevated occurrences of mental health struggles, including experiencing high stress, depression, self-injury, suicidal ideation and suicide attempt.

The voters had the opportunity in the May 15, Town Meeting to express themselves regarding the marijuana law.  This is an important issue that, if allowed to proceed, could have a lasting and negative impact on the town of Mansfield and the people that call it home.

During the Town Meeting it was agreed by the majority of voters to extend the current moratorium on the law until June 30, 2019.  This will give the town another 12 months to decide the best direction in which to proceed

Steve Nickerson, Vice Chairman, Mansfield Republican Town Committee



Message from our Chairwoman

Christine Leemon

Republican Values

Christine Leemon - "Our country should value the traditions of family, life, religious liberty, and hard work."

In Addition, We Believe:

The US Constitution should be honored and upheld

Government should be smaller and more efficient

The right to bear arms in the 2nd Amendment should not be compromised

The sanctity of life should be honored and protected

Leaders should serve people and not special interests


Core Republican Values

1. Lower Taxes

American's cannot and will not continue to pay higher taxes. Even the currentnational, state and local taxes must be decreased to safeguard the financialhealth of our citizens and country.

2. Smaller Government

The growth of government must be stopped and reversed by the privatization or transitioning of government jobs back to the private sector. According to one of America's top ten economist, the only major city in America that continues to show significant growth is Washington D.C. (February, 2010). Government growth must be stopped at all levels, national, state and local or we will never be able to lower taxes.

3. Encourage The Growth of Business

Business growth must be encouraged by all levels of government through the elimination of all unnecessary regulations that slow the growth of businesses, especially small businesses


Family Fun Night - 7/10/18 Mansfield!

Family Fun Night for the Mansfield Republican Town Committee was a big success!. Lots of interest and "buzz" around our booth. A number of local and Statewide Republican candidates came by to say hello and get their message out.  Countless Mansfield residents stopped by to offer their support of Republican causes. We set up a couple of "life size" standups of President Trump and First Lady Melania (see photo).  This was a big hit! Many people (of all ages) had their picture taken with the first couple.   We gave away dozens of Republican Recycle bags (with our contact information). Sold a number of patriotic hats, and raffled off official Make America Great Again hats.

All in all a great success!


Geoff Diehl wins the GOP Senate Nomination!

Geoff Deihl and family (back row) with MRTC board members at the 4/28/18 Mass GOP convention in Worcester

Sheriff Tom Hodgson Event was a Big Success!

Mansfield Republican Town Committee Sponsored Event

Bristol County Sherriff  (and National Political Figure)Tom Hodgson gave an excellent and informative talk on all things Immigration as well as his experiences in State and Local Government.

Additional Speakers included Republican candidates for local offices

For a video of the  Sherriff's presentation"Click Here"

For pictures of the event "Click Here"

The event was  covered by the Sun Chronicle (local newspaper).  A number of Democrats were on hand to protest Sherriff Hodgson (Democracy in action!). To view the article and associated pictures  "Click Here"

Trump and Clinton campaigning together in Mansfield Center!!
Trump and Clinton campaigning together in Mansfield Center!!

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