Identity Politics

Identity Politics has reached the tipping point

For nearly 2 decades the Democrat party has made a living off of identity politics. This is where people are subjectively categorized into various victim and non-victim groups and then pitted against each as a means in order to further liberal ends. The ends being the relentless push for power of the progressive agenda.
The assigned victims in identity politics are told that life is inherently unfair to them and that they are victims of bias, bigotry, misogyny, and every phobia known (and unknown). Certainly, the left will continue to invent new phobias as necessary in order to keep their grasp on people (and especially their votes – which is the point). If a person or group fits into a victim category, according to progressives, there is no alternative but to depend on government to solve their problems and to prevent further abuse by the hated few (mostly identified as – whites, conservatives, heterosexuals, religious, family values, etc) – with all of their built-in, so-called privileges. Identity politics does not argue points or ideas when challenged; it responds by name calling as a way to shut down all discussion. Sneering, pejorative terms such as “racist, homophobe, bigot”, etc. are used freely by the left, to the point where they have lost their true meaning.
A built in problem with identity politics is that it purposely, by design, is not inclusive. To suit its purposes, the enemies of the victims must be defined and savagely abused. This brings me to the election of 2016, where the tipping point of identity politics was reached. Hillary Clinton, in her famous “deplorables” speech described Trump voters as quote “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic — you name it”, “a basket of deporables”. Once you denigrate 10’s of millions of the electorate as “deplorable, and unredeemable”, as Clinton did in the service of identity politics, those same voters will never cast a vote in your favor; decidedly weakening the chances of winning the election. The other problem with identity politics is that the victims have to remain victims. There is no way out (according to progressives). Once a person is no longer in a victim category the chances that he or she will vote democrat is vastly reduced.
It is my sense that the tipping point of identity politics has been reached with the last Presidential Election and we are slowly moving away from it and more towards an inclusive political approach that speaks to all American citizens

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