Illegal Immigration

 The Unites States is the most generous nation the world has ever seen in regards to legal immigration. The US takes in on average over 1 million legal, permanent, immigrants each year; more than any other country on the globe. Even countries that are similar in area to the US, such as Canada and Australia, take in far fewer immigrants as compared to us – under 300,000 migrants annually for each country. Yet here in this country, the Left continues to relentlessly press the message that unless we take in significantly more immigrants (meaning illegal immigrants) – we are essentially a racist and intolerant nation.

This countries’ foundation was built by immigrants. People who withstood hardship and terrible conditions just to make it to our shores and begin a new life. People representing every race, culture, and religion. True pioneers in a new land. There is no doubt that a significant number of immigrants, indefensibly, were compelled to come here against their own free will, and never realized the freedom of a new life that others experienced. This country was built on the backs immigrants. Immigration was, and continues to be, a life blood of the United States.

The real issue that the US is facing is not legal immigration, but illegal immigration. Specifically people coming from other countries in defiance of our laws. Certainly everyone can empathize with people from other nations that want to improve their situation. People that travel hundreds of miles or more, under trying circumstances, just to make it to our border in search of a new life; to receive relief from what may be a desperate situation. But to put it in simple terms – we need to know who is coming into our country, we need ensure that our infrastructure can handle it, and we need to make sure that we, as US citizens, are safe and secure within our own country; a country, like all other nations around the world, that has its own unique culture, laws, and set of values.

The current situation in this country regarding illegal immigration is not sustainable. Hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants have been turned away already this year; with many other thousands able to sneak in undetected. Illegal immigration becomes a huge drain on the countries’ resources and infrastructure. No question that many illegal aliens have become contributors to American society – even though it would have been better to have migrated legally, using processes that are already in place for everyone’s benefit. However, there is a not-insignificant percentage that cause great havoc – murders, drugs, human trafficking, sex crimes, smuggling, all exist at some degree within illegal immigration. Recent data shows that illegal immigrants make up approximately 4% of the US population, and account for up to 30% of our prison population. On average, over 3000 people are killed by illegal immigrants in this country each year; 8 people per day. But for illegal immigration, these murders would not take place and the victims would still be alive. How can one not feel empathy for the victims and families of those hurt by illegal immigrants? This is why it is worth repeating – We need to know who is coming into the country. Legal immigration is a process that is in place to keep our country safe.

One of the unique challenges for the US is that it shares a border of 1952 miles with a third- world country, Mexico. 67% of illegal immigration to this country is done through the Mexican border. A quick look at a world map shows that no other first-world country has this situation. For example: Western European countries, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, etc – are either islands surrounded by water, or have land borders with other first-world countries. The circumstance that the US finds itself in regarding the border with Mexico – compels us as a country to recognize the situation and take measures to ensure our security. Whether it be with walls, border agents, the military, electronic surveillance, or a combination of measures.

In summary –Legal Immigration is a life blood and a source of great pride for the United States. We take second place to no other nation in regards to legal immigration. Our country, the greatest the world has seen, would not be the success that it is without immigration. Yet, at the same time – it is essential that we have a process in place and enforced, that takes into account the safety, security, values, and rights of the citizens that inhabit the United States.

Quote of the Month: “A nation that cannot control its borders is not a nation” Ronald Reagan, US President

Steve Nickerson is a Mansfield resident, former US Marine, and is the Vice Chairman of the Mansfield Republican Town Committee – The opinions he expresses are his own.

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